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Men's Event: From Wild to Wise

From September 14, 2018 17:00 until September 16, 2018 14:00

At this weekend together, we’ll explore the language of the male journey and see how it helps to  put some perspective on how things change as you journey through life. Do the warrior, lover, king and sage male archetypes unfold in sequence in our lives? Or do they all intertwine and reveal themselves in a more interwoven way? What has been your experience of this in your life?

Some of us will be quite familiar with this territory and glad to revisit it; for others it will be less familiar. We can all throw in our own experience however and thus, it will be its own unique combo of exploration, insight, and a good dose of laughter…

For more information and registration to to http://www.llansor.org/event/from-wild-to-wise/

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