A 5-day life changing program for men devised by Richard Rohr OFM which has been undertaken by over 5000 men across the world.

This is not about religion, but about spirituality.  About age-old traditions that guide men into manhood.  About coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in your life than you could ever imagine. Taking you sometimes OUT of your comfort zones, but more deeply back into your own life. You may find yourself mentally, intellectually, emotionally or spiritually challenged. This is part of the experience for some men: it may feel risky or uncomfortable; you may not always feel in control. Throughout the 5 days you will be held by an experienced team of male elders who have all previously undertaken the Rites themselves. As the Elders take you through the process of the Rites you will experience drumming, ritual, fire, silence, small groups, wilderness, solo-time, teaching ... and more. 

The Men's Rites of Passage are suitable for men of all colour, age, sexuality, ethnicity and faith tradition (or no faith); men with more severe physical disabilities are asked to provide more details of their restrictions during the application process and we will provide further advice.

We offer a tailored Young Men's Rites of Passage for young men aged from 18 to 28.



The Rites in 2020

The next Rites in Perth, Scotland will be 22nd-26th July, 2020. To be notified when the 2020 applications open, please complete the Sign up for News form on this page

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Applications for the 2020 Rites open later in the year. To be notified when this happens please complete the Sign up for News form on this page